Akame ga Kill, Vol. 1

Akame ga Kill, Vol. 1

By Akame ga Kill (Original Japanese Version)

  • Genre: Akame ga Kill (Original Japanese Version)
  • Release Date: 2014-12-05
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Akame ga Kill (Original Japanese Version) 940792172
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


Tatsumi arrives in the Imperial Capital in hopes of earning money for his village. After becoming stranded in the streets, a wealthy family offers to take him in for the night. But when his would-be benefactors are attacked by a group of killers known as Night Raid, Tatsumi learns that beneath the thin veneer of the Capital lies a teeming hive of corruption. With nowhere else to turn, Tatsumi joins the Night Raid to help put a stop to the wicked ways of the Capital once and for all.



  • Akame ga Kill! Review

    By Kagome Lover
    I watched the entire series of Akame ga Kill!, and although the stories of the manga and the anime follow each other up to a certain point and then deviate, I believe that the anime as it's own show is still an amazing work of art when seen as an individual work. The jokes never ceased to make me laugh, the emotional parts made me want to curl up and hide away in depression, and the action scenes exhilirated me beyond compare to most of the animes I've watched before. So, you should probably check this anime out, although it's obvious early on that it's not really meant for kids. If you've read this review up to this point, congratulations. You should also check out the manga for Akame ga Kill! and Akame ga Kill! Zero after watching the anime, if you do so. NIGHT RAID FOREVER!!!!! :)
  • Akame ga kill revivew

    By DxDfan
    So far its not a bad series and I don't mind it lacks an english dub which is fine by me in any event as long as it has sub titles. Glad to see an anime where the characters don't have plot armor, but the ending is sad and really overkill in offing of the characters department.
  • Happy End? Or Moving Bitter End?

    By Koujo(fx1)
    Its an anime that will truly make you consider which one it is and wheather you can accept it as so. Fantastic art work, great gory sceens and burtally cruel deaths can all be found in the way of the assain. Personally I loved it and hated it at some times, great watch and great fights and standoffs.
  • Should've ordered from Amazon.

    By materialboy92
    Is this the original translation? I don't remember a lot of what they say and I've seen this so many times. Akame doesn't even say Eliminate in the first episode. Awe man. Wasted my money. 😕
  • Still Enjoyable

    By Admiral_Erickson
    A lot of people complain about how the anime has deviated from the manga, and how it could've been better. However, I still find the show quite enjoyable to watch and worth the time. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a dark fantasy with some humor.
  • This is the best anime

    By Rpopopopopooppppp
    I love the series I don't give a crap if it is China's language or Japan's. I love it and want to see more of it but the ending was sad I wanted leone live not die in the end keep it up don't fall your mighty fans
  • amazing

    By Icey567
    This is definitely one of the better animes I've seen. It's also one of the saddest. You'll see, would definitely buy and watch again