Tom & Jerry and Friends, Vol. 1

Tom & Jerry and Friends, Vol. 1

By Tom & Jerry and Friends

  • Genre: Tom & Jerry and Friends
  • Release Date: 1956-12-14
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Tom & Jerry and Friends 930692454
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99


Tom: An ordinary gray-and-white house cat of no great intelligence, Tom is driven by three goals: to eat, to sleep and to catch the mouse, Jerry, and eat him. Unfortunately, his plans are constantly thwarted by the quick-witted little rodent. Jerry: A quick-witted, audacious little mouse who lives in the house with Tom, Jerry can never seem to stop himself from teasing his feline nemesis. His greatest pleasure comes from thwarting Tom's every attempt to catch him.



  • Great tv ;)

    By hisgrad
    I’m 39 so not a snow flake sensitive millennial. Seriously with all the shows on in 2018, how anyone with straight face can criticize a classic cartoon as racist and violent is hilarious. Before you all freak out on me, I’m Latino and Gay and mostly liberal so don’t box me in with some group you may think is racist due to your prejudices. I’ve never in 15 years on iTunes been compelled to write a review. Thanks for forcing me to respond.
  • Here's a new fact!

    By Lilycatmeow
    Tom and Jerry are banned all over the world because of racist humor and lots of violence.