I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1

I Dream of Jeannie, Season 1

By I Dream of Jeannie

  • Genre: I Dream of Jeannie
  • Release Date: 1965-09-18
  • Advisory Rating: TV-G
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: I Dream of Jeannie 279272842
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99


Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman star in this classic '60s comedy about a genie and her master. When astronaut Tony Nelson is forced to crash-land on a remote Pacific island, he finds a strange bottle that's washed ashore. When he opens it, out pops a genie named Jeannie.



  • <3 it!!!

    By Luv It!!!! =)
    I and my dad loves the show!!!!!!!
  • Colorized (not original black&white)

    By bugblatter7
    I was about to buy this but realized it was colorized (fake-looking) after seeing the preview, yet the cover art iTunes shows is for the b&w one. Please bring back the classic/original b&w version which looks so much better.
  • Gotta love Jeannie!

    By Frozenglacier
    Who cannot love the incapable of driving a car Jeannie? Unless you are really scared of magic............ Between I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched, well..... Every time I see an episode of either one I like that one better! I am only twelve, but my parents teased me once, they said," How many twelve year olds reference the Patty Duke Show these days?" I only saw one or two episodes but they're funny :) My other favorite shows include: Green Acres, the Patty Duke Show, Dennis the Menace, and the documentaries on PBS. Hope you watch all these shows and love them!
  • Great COLOR!

    By Shooshie
    I love the colorization! The only problem with the old seasons of Gilligans Island, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, etc., was that they were in black & white. I hated B&W TV. This is beautiful! Thank you for colorizing these old dumpy B&W seasons! Now we don't have to imagine what things really looked like, and they look great! Strange why some people don't like it. I guess they didn't live back in the day when you had no choice. Some movies are better in B&W, because they were conceived that way. For example, Dr. Strangelove was shot in B&W by choice. That's a good thing. But old TV seaons were in B&W because of a lack of technology, not artistic choice. Thus, colorization is not bad at all for them. It's great to see them updated!
  • Honestly

    By Andyerswwww
    This is those best show when it is on tv it is definitely worth watching can't beat the classics.
  • In Color

    By joanie134
    Great show and cast throughout the five year run. Jeannie (Barbara Eden) and Captain/Major Anthony Nelson (Larry Hagman) were the best couple to grace the small screen in the 1960's. Supporting cast Captain/Major Roger Healy (Bill Daily) and Colonel Alfred Bellows (Hayden Rorke) added to the magical moments and hilarity. My only gripe is that the first season wasn't offered in B&W as a download. That's the way I remember seeing it in the 60's. I didn't want this in color and purchased the discs elsewhere.
  • Love Jeannie!

    By Moremessina
    Love this show but the colorization is so bad. Best left b&W the way it was originally aired.
  • One of the best comedys out there!!!

    By MuSiClOversof THE cenTaRy
    I thuroughly enjoy lots of comedys but they just kina fade. But this has never faded away. the old shows are almost better than the new ones. i dream of jeannie is always on the TV when i am watching and it is on. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Traducir

    By Julizgf
    Por favor pongan estas series que son tan lindas y divertidas verlas en español!!!!!
  • the fake colors are appalling

    By Enjoy the ride
    the fake colors are appalling! Please make the original b/w-version available.