Suzuka, Season 1

Suzuka, Season 1

By Suzuka

  • Genre: Suzuka
  • Release Date: 2008-03-03
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: Suzuka 273632602
  • iTunes Price: USD 38.99
From 12 Ratings


High school is a hectic time of change for most . . . but for happy-go-lucky Yamato, it's gonna be a complete revolution! He's the new kid in class, having transferred to the big city to attend Aoba High, where he finds himself smitten with the local rising star of track and field. Yet two people could not be more different! And as Suzuka remains completely uninspired by Yamato's cheerfully irresponsible nature, things progress from bad to worse with record-breaking speed. So when the young man decides to step up his efforts and join the track team, his best might not measure up. It's mixed signals and high school hormones with everyone running in circles! Throw in the antics of a handful of high school stereotypes, and Yamato's completely out of his league. When love isn't a spectator sport, the only question is who will go the distance?




  • :))

    By Salalalafaddaehfjfjdlgnw
    I absolutely love this show! It's perfect in every way! Thank you iTunes I think everyone should watch this show!
  • Cool

    By Kathrine Magda
    I loved it. It was so cool.
  • Great anime!!!

    By Noles7305
    Great show but I prefer the sub version much more, not the worst dub I have heard though!
  • Great love story!!

    By aSFGiantsFan
    This is my favorite anime. Goofy and predictable at times, but what great love story isn't. You can buy this at the funimation website for $12. Don't buy it here. Although if I couldn't get it anywhere else I would fork out the $$$
  • Looks promising

    By Thao M.
    Think ill like it
  • Make season 2

    By Major game del mondo mondial
    I think this anime is the best and I want the 2nd season to come out too. Totes looking forward towards the 2nd season of Suzuka!!! 👌👌😎😁😁
  • More Anime Like This!

    By nonamelive
    I like this anime so much! cute characters and amazing plot! Thank you iTunes! More this kind of anime please!!

    By Ritmichev
    Ok so I was pretty shocked with peach girl so I needed something new and that was Suzuka and OMG SUZUKA IS SO FRIGGIN ADDICTING it's so good so I seriousley love this show!!!!!
  • Suzuka rocks!

    By Melandjfan
    Suzuka is hands down one of funimation's best anime's! Yasanobou is hilarious and so is the drunk blonde character and her friend. The love story featuring Suzuka,Yamato and honika is fun too. So much to love about this(albeit one shot)anime! Suzuka forever!!!
  • so-so

    By Annika Valente x3
    this anime wasn't so bad. i actually do like some of the dubs from Funimation (ex: Soul eater, Fruits Basket, etc.) i hope they can put more anime like Code Geass on itunes though. Overall, this anime was good