The O.C., Season 4

The O.C., Season 4

By The O.C.

  • Genre: The O.C.
  • Release Date: 2006-11-02
  • Advisory Rating:
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Director: The O.C. 215410648
  • iTunes Price: USD 27.99


In the fourth season of The O.C., high school seems like a distant memory for the young graduates, who have been thrust into adulthood after the death of their beloved friend Marissa. The Cohens struggle to keep Ryan focused on the future, fighting the forces that threaten to pull him back into his old life. Having left Orange County, Summer attends Brown University in Rhode Island, where she has reinvented herself as a left-leaning, tree-hugging activist. And, lonely in Orange County, Seth works at a local comic book store.



  • A NEW VERSION OF THE OC.... ***spoiler alert***

    By TheMusicProphet
    THE OC forever changed after it's shocking SEASON 3 Finale... (A shocking twist the writers hoped would spike the ratings back up.... an idea which obviously failed). I remember watching the American Idol finale and seeing the advertisements for Season 3's finale... "One of these graduates won't make it through the night"..... I remember thinking "Oh God! Not Marissa! Please let it be someone else".... don't know what it was for me.... but since the Pilot episode... Marissa Cooper was always the character I felt drawn to... I felt compassion for her situation maybe? Who knows... Anyways the point is the show was never the same after a key member was killed off so dramatically.... I'll give it to the writers.... Killing her off and sending Ryan into a crazy frenzy of trying to find her killer was a nice attempt at saving the shows ratings (which were nearing the toilet by the middle of Season 3).... but it obviously didn't work.... I truly believe people's interest just faded... It would've been nice to leave the characters intact on the show and do as One Tree Hill's writers did.... Skip the 4 years of college and start with life and the characters blend into society.... AHH! Could've been so good... Unfortunately for The OC fans, the show comes to it's end in Season 4, and trust me, by the end of the season... You'll be thrilled it's over.... It's just not the same as the first 3 seasons... you can't re-invent something that's been cemented into TV history.... nice try though.
  • And season three is where...?

    By SH3
    Seasn 3 is the best!!!! U can't xpect 2 have all the othr seasons and 4get 3!!!!!! It's the best. Xept wen marrisa dies... That's so sad I cried so hard!!!!! iTunes put up season three!!!!!! IT'S THE BEST EVERY1 THINKS SO
  • Best!

    By sergeantbuckybarnes
    Soooo good! It's got a balance of everything. There's drama, and the comedy from Seth Cohen (: I don't think season 4 was great as it could have been, it kept to the O.C. style. Will always be one of my favorite shows!!
  • I am so depressed that the OC will no longer be on. The Fans can do something though.

    By Angel F.
    for all the die hard OC fans, lets bring it back, lets do everything we can, sign papers, via online if we have to, anything I miss this show sooooooooo much, I can not stand life without the OC. one fan starts with two, then 20 than 50 than 100 than 500 than we have a million signatures lets do this!! I'm serious
  • Love it

    By 40'sRocker
    I miss marissa and I'm a boy
  • Love the O.C.

    By TaylorO.C FAN!
    Personally I think the O.C. is the awesome! In my opinion, the 4th season was the best! Ryan and Taylor! Seth and Summer! Love them!
  • Season 3 NOW!

    By Awesome123443211796
    Bring us SEASON 3!
  • The Best Show Ever!

    By guera94
    I loved this season more thana ny other one. I love ryan and taylor they make a much better couple than marissa & ryan. Loved every single episode. Hands Down One Of the Greatest Shows that was ever created. thnx to all the creaters Ryan & Taylor xoxo
  • season 3?

    By oclover009
    where is season 3 ????
  • where is season 3?

    By acres gal
    Where is season 3? I only see seasons 1, 2 and 4. I won't buy season 4 if there isn't a season 3. itunes loaded Lost season 3 where it should have been O.C. season 3...must have just been an error but can't figure out how to get itunes staff attention to correct the error.