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  • Awesome

    By Tony 2Toes
    Typical Trump voting American getting his ass handed to him! Perfect!
  • Doh...

    By Backbreaker 360
    Huge Donnie Yen fan...the first Ip man was amazing a true classic ...the second one was ok...the third was just not good ...this one was horrendous... I get it he is older’s just not a good movie Donnie Yen clearly was the only one Who cared and is the only shining light in this movie everyone else was just bad and campy...
  • Good old-fashion butt whuppin

    By OlderThanThou
    I liked the move. I've seen all the Ip Man movies a couple of times. The fight choreography is great and the story is once again solid. Most people living today don't have a personal context to the immigrant experience in the US. As far as this movie, many haven't understood the impact of WWII, the Korean and then the Vietnam Wars on the American psyche. Fighting wars against the "yellow man" meant that all Asians were treated as enemies to be defeated and, if nothing else, mistreated. This movie's back drop portrays that experience. While the story sets a reflection that is at odds with the ideals we believe America was, it isn't preachy. It just doesn't shy away from cost of the American dream either. In telling the story of a hero, IP man succeeds in making the world better for those around him and those that have come after him.
  • Great Movie

    By Jordin Mac
    I’m seeing a lot of people reviewing this movie that have paper-thin skin. Fact of the matter is this movie portrayed sentiments that were expressed around the period in which the movie takes place and are still expressed today. I understand some of you have a hard to coming to grips with the racist history of American culture, but it’s there and will always be there. Sooner you accept that, the better you can enjoy this movie and others.
  • Great movie

    By Marnie205
    It’s a great movie. White people are just hurt they weren’t portrayed as the good guy. Plus it has Bruce Lee in it hehe. I highly recommend it.
  • Horrible disappointment

    By REL6355
    I bought this because I really enjoyed the first 3 movies in this series. But this 4th installment is a huge disappointment. First there's the "false advertising" trailers/ads that imply there will be a fight between Ip Man and Bruce Lee. There is not. The Bruce Lee character has only a minor, cameo role with one fight scene largely cribbed from prior Bruce Lee films. Second, although the story is primarily in San Francisco and several characters speak English, the large majority of the film has characters speaking Chinese so you have to read the closed captioning if you don't speak that language. Finally, and most importantly, the characters are unidimensional unrealistic white and black hats with no character development beyond setting up unrealistic fight scenes (compared to the more realistic ones in the first 3 movies, IMHO.) A real waste of money. Wish I hadn't bought it. Wish I hadn't bothered to watch it.
  • Ip man

    By ra98VILL
    Bad ass movie
  • Rotten tomatoes is broken !

    By Raouf777
    Movie is crap
  • The enemy must be hated

    By John Quincy Mass.
    Before he is fought. All Chinese are one family. Self confidence is the most important. E Pluribus Unum. Courage is most important when surrounded by your enemy. Out of many one.
  • Vitriolic and distorted anti US propaganda

    By Furutan1
    I am not some sort of ultraconservative extremist, just a regular guy. But even though previous Ip Man films made a big deal of demonizing foreigners, Ip Man 4 is so extreme that I have never seen a movie that presents such a distorted version of reality. In this film Americans - both adults and teenagers - a wildly prejudiced against the Chinese. There is a hugely corrupt government agency working with a hugely corrupt military involved in such things as taking a Chinese civilian so a Marine sergeant can beat him half to death on a military base in full view of an entire company of recruits and have it recorded on film. And this is followed by bragging that the US is superior in all things and that Chinese are "an inferior race". A half-dozen high school boys beat up a chinese girl? I don't want to go on. This film is clearly designed as propaganda intended to be shown to millions of Chinese in order to provide a false picture of Americans and to make the Chinese people hate Americans. It is one gigantic lie after another. Over recent years China has ramped up its expansionism - far beyond what any American is aware of. A huge part of this is international loan sharking that has forced a huge number of developing nations to hand over its infrastructure to China (roads and railwys in Uganda, Kenya and Zambia, the Philippines entire power grid, and much more). It represents a massive takeover. And there are many other things. This film is part of the package designed to fuel Chinese aggression. There has only been one other film that I have deleted and hidden in iTunes - and I have over 1,400 iTunes movies in my library. Ip Man 4 is the seond one. Again, I am not a right wing fanatic. I am as moderate as they come and definitely not a fan of Fox, but this film is so offensive that I am astonished that the average iTunes and RT commenters think it's great.