Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

By J.J. Abrams

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2019-12-20
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 22min
  • Director: J.J. Abrams
  • Production Company: Lucasfilm
  • iTunes Price: USD 19.99
From 3,636 Ratings


In STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, the riveting conclusion of the landmark Skywalker saga, new legends will be born—and the final battle for freedom is yet to come. WARNING: SOME FLASHING-LIGHTS SCENES IN THIS FILM MAY AFFECT PHOTOSENSITIVE VIEWERS




  • ...

    By Blastcrusher
    This movie and the sequels should be removed from canon. It is dumb and stupid and it ruined the Skywalker saga. Kylo Ren I think should have been the villain instead of retconning Palpatine’s death.
  • A

    By branbo_13
    I very much enjoyed see these characters for one last ride/ show down. Yeah, there are problems I have with it, but at least we got something. The Last Jedi set it on this path, but that’s fine. It was still enjoyable to watch.! - Episode IX, that is!
  • A disappointing ending to a beloved saga

    By mmmthisajuicyburger
    When I first saw The Rise of Skywalker, it had the benefit of my low expectations due to the less-than-stellar critic reviews, but today, I am going to have to be much less kind to it than I was then. This is unfortunate for me, as I am a Star Wars fan who would genuinely like these movies to be good. “Rise” is simply another disappointing Star Wars sequel in the same ridiculous vein as The Force Awakens. It’s concerned merely with not offending fans, undermining the setup from previous films (in this case, the actually quite brilliant Last Jedi) in order to follow a familiar plot trajectory. While it has its moments, it is primarily defined by a meaningless, hollow story centered on cameos and family lineages, as well as the backdrop of a dull, meandering fetch-quest plot. It simply has nothing to say that other Star Wars movies haven’t said better.
  • A good ending to an incredible saga

    By jelewis75
    I thought the movie was much better than the previous 2. It made sense if you know about the expanded universe. If you did not think this was good then you don’t understand why the last 2 sucked.
  • A mess of a trilogy

    By Review critic 2.3
    When I saw force awakens I liked it Then last Jedi happened it ruined my childhood Now rise of skywalker took that body of my childhood puting it in a grave and setting it on fire After watching all of the sequel trilogy it's clear that Disney did not have a game plan for this trilogy most fans can agree that this trilogy was all a joke and they retcon all of the original trilogy characters and destroyed the new characters arcs If George Lucas didn't sell lucasfilm to Disney things might be better

    By Gwoods23
    The movie tied up all the lose ends to the whole saga. It bright back parts of the prequels and then the OT series it just was and amazing movie. Just be prepared to gasp after all the twist and turns I’m the film

    By Twisted Reject
    Do not listen to anyone. This movie is epic.
  • Apple tv

    By jaalenbonafede
    When does it come out on apple tv?
  • Awesome

    By TheGumpest
    People need to watch the whole saga to understand this movie or it’s just pointless to watch this movie if you haven’t, it’s still a great movie to watch.
  • Best Star Wars Movie

    By 45vBobby36
    Great Entertainment
  • Best movie

    By Vannylovely
    I love it
  • Decent

    By Bosschet
    I was thinking of this film to be a masterpiece but the first half was choppy. As a true Star Wars fan it was way better than the last Jedi.
  • Fall of Star Wars

    By lazycow0880
    Sad Sad ending to a truly monumental movie series, should have got zero stars - poor writing, poor directing, poor production by Jar Jar Abrams - thank goodness the Star Wars fan universe now has The Mandalorian, which hopefully Disney will be smart to keep Jar Jar far far away.
  • Garbage of a movie...

    By Blurryface2017
    If you enjoyed this movie than you have a low IQ. There are so many unnecessary and stupid things in this film. Kathleen Kennedy needs to be fired immediately. When the creator of Star Wars thinks your movies are so stupid you have got to go. ”Oh you dropped something, the plot.” George Lucas.
  • I like it

    By iamnotacritic
    It’s not bad when you watch it, I didn’t like how they forced a lesbian thing at the end but it’s all right
  • It’s a great movie... Love it... Cant wait to own it!!!

    By JordyTowers
    Everyone thinks they’re an expert... This is a cinematic achievement of huge proportions... love the twists and salutes... it opens up ideas for new stories and closes the saga with a beautiful message about togetherness and friendship, which is what has always made Star Wars so special. The relationships of the characters... 5 stars for StarWars - Rise of Skywalker
  • Love this movie!

    By lil clickbait
    A lot of people say this movie is bad but for me it’s still good no mater what!
  • Not a good movie

    By Danny695
    This trilogy is so terrible, when will Star Wars make good movies again?
  • Not my Luke

    By Sunny615
    I don't know who Mark Hamill was playing in this series but it sure as hell wasn't Luke Skywalker. The boy who lost his mentor, his hand, fought Vader (twice) and the Emperor and still had hope that he could save his father - even as the Emperor was killing him. Whoever this character was, (one bad thought by his nephew and he goes all Vader on him, threw away his dad's lightsaber, and acted like a jerk) - it wasn't Luke. This was more like some weird fanfic that had just saw to the deaths (literally and figuratively) of the characters I love the most. The new cast can take a hike.
  • Not sure whether to give this a two or three star

    By WorldQuestioner
    I'm a little disappointed for this movie. The Last Jedi was a good follow-up to The Force Awakens, but this is not a good follow-up to The Last Jedi. This movie doesn't really fit with the rest of the trilogy. It also doesn't have particularly much depth. This movie is about as good as The Last Jedi. Not better, not worse. Star Wars The Force Awakens was an organized movie, with The Last Jedi, the sequel trilogy was still organized, but this movie - The Rise of Skywalker - makes the sequel trilogy disorganized. We don't really see Skywalker rising. I really loved the action and the visuals, but... Where's Temiri Blagg? I thought he was going to join the fight? I thought Rey was going to train him. I'm disappointed that he wasn't in this film to be trained by Rey. The absence of that broom boy in this film kind of defeats the plot point of Rose and Finn meeting him in The Last Jedi and the appearance of the broom boy at the end of that film This movie almost pretends that The Last Jedi never happened. Not quite though. Just not to the degree that Pixar's Cars 3 pretends that Cars 2 doesn't exist or the Star Wars sequels pretend that the prequels don't exist. Also, Palpatine is revived. That means Anakin is not the chosen one because his throwing of Palpatine into the reactor shaft seems to have been for nothing, except maybe to save Luke. That was also the problem for Legends. If Palpatine is revived, why can't Anakin be? Why didn't Kylo Ren learn new powers? -Major SPOILERS- Also, Palpatine has so much power that it overwhelms even the combined power of Rey and Kylo Ren and he can shoot force lightning on a large mass of ships? Kylo Ren hadn't surpassed Snoke or Palpatine? It doesn't make sense. Palpatine's power didn't overwhelm Master Windu in Star Wars Episode III. I love the part when Rey shoots Force lightning, but I wonder why why Kylo Ren can't? Is it because the Palpatine blood has potential for Force Lightning while the Skywalker blood doesn't even though the Skywalker blood has overall more power potential? Can Kylo Ren even deflect Force Lightning like Yoda did? I agree. Palpatine is far too old to be Rey's grandfather. He should be more like Rey's great-grandfather if not great- great-grandfather, if he's an ancestor at all. Also, Kylo Ren (or rather Ben Solo) dies and therefore Rey and Ben won't have children and therefore no children with both Palpatine blood (through Rey) and Skywalker blood. That's not too big a deal though. When Palpatine is defeated by Rey's lightning, his palace or fortress or whatever collapses like Mordor. Is the Sith or dark side destroyed forever? Will there be room for sequels to episode IX? Not movies, but TV series (live action as well as animated), comics, novels, and perhaps even games. It's not Kylo Ren that defeats Palpatine, so he didn't really fulfill the Prophecy of the Chosen One for Anakin. -SPOILERS end here- Maybe they should have had a different, more ancient, maybe more powerful Sith Lord instead, perhaps Darth Bane or something. It wouldn't even hurt to even adapt Vitiate/Valkorion into canon and use him in the sequels. Darth Plagueis? Or maybe a brand new Sith (new in the sense that it would originate in Canon, not that he's new in the "in-universe" era) also ancient. Or should it be Sith? Because Sith is just one dark side order as the Jedi is just one light side order. And speaking of Expanded Universe, they really should have adapted at least some ships and planets from Legends to the Star Wars sequels. Conclusion: Poor movie, but not terrible. Could have been done much better. If Rian Johnson directed this film as previously planned, instead of J.J. Abrams, it would have been different, maybe better. Going Abrams to Johnson to Johnson, it would progress, better than going from Abrams to Johnson then back to Abrams; The former would keep on track and be more consistent, the latter goes back and forth and is not consistent. George Lucas should have remained as creative consultant for the Star Wars sequels like Roddenberry was for the first six Star Trek films, then they might have been better. He has been disappointed with the Star Wars sequels. Don't get me wrong, I think it's better that Disney (and Abrams, Johnson, and Kathleen Kennedy?) does Star Wars instead of Lucas. But Lucas should have been creative consultant.
  • Skywalker saga?

    By w1zard33
    They should call it the Palpatine saga. A Palpatine causes all of the problems and, thanks to JJ, another Palpatine (Rey) solves all the problems.
  • The worst movie ever

    By taishinhatamoto
    Basically, it butchered all previous parts. As a stand alone movie it would be good, but as a conclusion to the whole saga it is just awful. It like the person who wrote this didn’t watch previous parts... shame. It makes prequels work of art... for me saga ended on episode VI...