Gemini Man

Gemini Man

By Ang Lee

  • Genre: Ang Lee
  • Release Date: 2019-10-11
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 57min
  • Director: Ang Lee
  • Production Company: Skydance Media
  • Production Country: China, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99
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Will Smith stars in the nonstop action thrill-ride from Academy Award®-winning director Ang Lee. Retired hitman Henry Brogan (Smith) is forced on the run and finds himself hunted by his ultimate adversary - a younger clone of himself. Packed with epic fight scenes and groundbreaking visual effects, Gemini Man is the future of action movies.




  • Disappointed

    By tman418
    This movie had great potential. It has an interesting concept. And honestly, I felt like this movie did well in the first half hour. But after that, it all fell apart. Before I begin, let me say that as of right now, the action sequences look awful. It’s possible that once we are able to see movies at 120fps, then we can see this movie as it was intended. The CGI for “young Will Smith” is off. It’s the lips. The lips don’t look natural at all. Anyways, as for the rest of the movie’s content, it falls flat. I was hoping that there would be something intriguing in the “young Will Smith” character. And when we the audience are first introduced to him, he appears to be EXACTLY what he should be: dangerous, reckless, ruthless, a killing machine. And on top of that, he’s eager to kill! You get the sense that “old Will Smith” is no match for him! But then the movie does this complete 180° turn in the next scene! “Young Will Smith” is crying and feels shaken up by what he does. The next few scenes establish him as someone with humanity and social skills. He has a sense of right & wrong. We know he likes ice cream. We the audience don’t see him DISCOVERING his humanity! So the whole dynamic between old & young Will Smith falls flat. The actors are all bad, including the great Will Smith.
  • Gemini Man

    By jam868889
    Read the reviews and I expected a dud. I personally thought this was a great “watch at home” movie. Lots of action. A generic but well executed plot, and great cinematography-minus one 5 second obvious “green screen” moment. Also, not the best double version of Will Smith, but it was a little better than tolerable to watch “him” anyway.
  • Good action 💥 Good job 👍

    By wellhamful
    Love that it’s not a remake/reboot and was an original/different storyline. The action scenes are really cool. *Made me think of a video game
  • Good action/clone movie

    By Jorge Burns
    It was mainly an action movie with the excuse of a difficult moral question about cloning. Not the best script for a “moral statement” style movie. But it was better than the most recent Terminator movie for sure. Worth watching once. And who wouldn’t want more Will Smith in the world!
  • Good movie

    By Ryi1988
    This was a good movie. Will Smith is the man. There are parts in the movie that reminded me of Fast and Furious and Grand Theft Auto (game) for some reason. Anyway, this was worth watching. I would definitely recommend this movie to any Will Smith fans or people who like action movies. There is a good amount of it in this movie.
  • Great action movie.

    By GamerKM
    I enjoyed the movie. The plot was predictable but i knew that going into it so I allowed my self to enjoy the movie for what it was. A great thriller movie with a decent story. Other reviewers have their expectations set too high in my opinion. If you like action movies will smith or reverse aging technology you’ll enjoy this movie.
  • Save your time for something else

    By P.VonHorn
    This movie was really good as far as the story line however the CGI in this movie is so terrible with the clones movement that it makes the movie pretty much in watchable which is so freaking sad because the storyline is that good I blame it on the production studios that made this film.
  • Threat level midnight starring Will Smith

    By tgall595
    Great if your a fan of the office and want to see a sequel to threat level midnight, terrible if you were hoping for a good movie.
  • Trash

    By not a twc fan
    I wish Will Smith would send me my $6 back. He is a great actor but the writers of this movies failed. Find something else to watch.
  • eh

    By jeffinny